A true Lion Guardian talks about why he is saving lions rather than hunting lions.


It was a warm day in May 2017 when I sat under an acacia tree with LePep, a Maasai warrior and Lion Guardian, near Amboseli National Park, Kenya. We talked about why this Maasai Warrior now saves lions even though he once wanted to hunt them.

LePep says that the work he is doing not only brings him great respect and gainful employment, but also helps his family, friends and others in the community. LePep walks many miles everyday keeping guard on his zone of the ecosystem. His job is to keep wildlife and human interaction to a minimum. His brave work boosts co-existence among wildlife and humans bringing traditional and retaliation lion hunts almost to a stop.

When the program started about a decade ago the number of lions in this area were dismal but now they are seeing many new lion cubs and the number of lions has increased dramatically.

If you want to read more about how you can help please visit the official website for the Lion Guardian Trust.

Thank you for reading.


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